September 24, 2021

Google Ads New Campaign and its Classification

                                   Google Ads and its Classification


Google is an online service platform which offers search, analytics, doc, excel etc. It is an advertising platform where we put up our ads. Google takes certain amount charges for that on various factors, sometimes based on click, impression, or sometimes conversion based on which types of ads are running on google from a particular account a specific campaign. google ads account is important for running ads. My google ads account no is – 184-776-1229 another google ads account 999-136-5115


Google can place  ads on its various platforms based on the ads we need to show to our potential customers. google ads account help us to run the ads better.


Google has a search network platform and a non-search network platform. such as display, video, mobile ads, shopping, smart and discovery ads.


Google ads system based on keywords and which kind of content you are writing for the post such as headline, subtext, and which type of extension you are using to generate leads is very important. 


How the whole process works –


First of all, you have to create a Gmail account for google ads then under one single Gmail, you can have multiple google ads accounts.  One single ad account can have multiple campaigns. One Campaign can have numerous ad words and one AdWords can have multiple ads and keyword,


So we can understand the basics here how google ads function.


First we take an  Email Id- 


How to do google ads we discuss here in details .


 you can see I created multiple ads account from one single google ads account we can complete numerous ads account 

 how google ads new campaign  create and run we discuss in details step by step –




When I open the particular ads, account we see this picture. We can see a campaign run on this account we get 34 clicks,1000 impressions and cost per click 25.17 rs and total cost 856 rs. 


We can see the campaign name we gave on the website visit. We can also see the keyword we select when we set up the ad campaign and run on those keywords. 




Some of the keywords we select, and on that basis, we get some search or query. 




There are a few examples of few searches –


  1. What is network marketing 
  2. Best website design company in Kolkata
  3. A digital marketing company in Poland 



Here you can see a search query has the word Poland. We select India’s whole. Poland does not come under India, so we take poland and mark it as a negative keyword when someone searches “Digital marketing company in Poland” our ads not visible, which is called optimization. 


Now we take about the new campaign on creating and how many types of movement you can create. 


When we go to the new campaign, we see this page. This page is to select the goal, why you want to run the campaign or purpose of the campaign. 




There are a variety of goal you can set for the campaign-


  1. Sales
  2. Leads
  3. Website Traffic
  4. Product & brand consideration
  5.  Brand Awareness and reach
  6. App promotion
  7. Local store visit and promotion
  8. You can also create a campaign without a specific goal 



Then we go to the next page and basis on a goal we see various types of ads we can google ad platform. 



One very common is search campaigns. There is the most basic campaign and most effective. When someone searches on a particular keyword if your keyword is similar and CPC is high, you can expect you will be visible on SERP. (Search Engine Result Page)


And so many other factors are there we can discuss in another blog, how google shows ads.


Display Ads-


This one is also one of the most popular ads. 


Display advertising is a process of engaging the people of a website, social media platform or different virtual platform to take action. These generally regularly made up of text-primarily based totally, photograph or video commercials that inspire the person to click-via to a landing web page and take action.

 Online advertising campaigns generally with click (CPC) basis, That is to say, every time the user on a search engine clicks for your ad, you’ll get charged a quantity primarily based totally for your universal bidding strategy.

They also can be used for retargeting campaigns. Advertisements served to customers who’ve already visited a particular website. With that in mind, let’s explore what makes a brilliant show ad campaign and a way to put together compelling ad creative to draw your perfect audience.





Video Ads- 


Video advertising is online display advertisements have video within them. Still, it refers to advertising that occurs before, during and after a video stream on the internet.


Video ads run on youtube, which is a platform of google as well.


And other then three prominent ads we have also-

1.Shopping Ads

  1. Smart Ads 
  2. Discovery Ads


After that page  we go- 


This option where give the prospect the ways we can reach the goal –


  1. Website visit – we have to provide a link of the website 
  2. Phone No- We can offer it in any chance they can contact
  3. Store visit- If we have an e-commerce store we can provide the link of the location to connect with customer
  4. App download- If you want people to download the app we can run app promotion ads
  5. Lead Form – It is for B2B and B2C business where we want customers to submit their query, and we will get the data from where we contact them.
  6. Writing Content and headline will be enhance to your ads . to know more about content wring follow digital vighnesh



Then come  some ad group where we give the campaign name and network platform 

Targeting based on location and language 

We will decide on a daily budget or total budget, and we can run various ads and CPA calculation.

Various extensions are generally added to make the ads more catchy, attractive and user friendly. 


Sitelink- mention the feature or highlight the main parts of the website, speciality. 

Callout: We call out the product or service such as 24*7 open, Any time service, Replace within one week and much more.



We will discuss the next two parts in the next blog.  How to select keyword based on volume and how to write ads headline which attract the visitors  .

 how to use google ads keyword planner we will discuss in next blog and show you how to search keyword based on keyword difficulty and keyword volume . 



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